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Competition Rules

Complete Rules of the “CBRE Meeting Room of the Year 2017” Competition

Article I.

The promoter and organizer

CBRE s.r.o., IČ: 25759604, is the promoter and organizer of the Competition, with headquarters in Prague 1 – Nové Město, nám. Republiky 1a /1079, PSČ 110 00, registered in the Commercial Registry held by the City Court in Prague, file reference C 67713 (hereinafter to referred to as the “Organizer”).

Article II.

The name of the Competition is called “CBRE Meeting Room of the Year, 2015” (hereinafter to referred to as the “Competition”).

Article III.

The duration of the Competition, the method of announcing the Competition :1) The Competition will be held during the period from 22.5. 2017 to the announcement ceremony.
Registration to the Competition will take place from 22.5. 2017 to31.10. 2017 2) The Competition instructions including these rules and all details on the Competition will be published on the organizer’s web pages, (hereinafter referred to as the “Webpages”).

Article IV.

The conditions for participating in the Competition:

1) The participant in the Competition must be a legal entity established in the Czech Republic, meeting all conditions stated in this article on Competition rules (hereinafter to referred to as (“Contestants”).

2) Companies that have property, employment or any other participation by a member of the jury are disqualified, as are partners companies of the Competition.

3) To be included in the Competition, the Contestant must meet the following terms and conditions, in addition to those in paragraph 1 of this article: a) fill out the registration form on the web pages, b) attach photos of the space the Competition will judge (a minimum of 5 photographs per category, with a size of 300 DPI). The whole disposition of the space must be clearly displayed in the photos and the details and photographs must be delivered in sufficient quality for publication on the web site.

4) Competitors can participate in the Competition repeatedly, while during the sign-up process they can chose their preferred category in which they would like to compete. Final inclusion of the Contestant into a specific category in the Competition is solely at the discretion of the jury.

5) Any company that competed in any category of the CBRE Meeting Room of the Year 2014 may participate in this Competition provided they register different spaces than in the previous year.

6) Companies registered in the Competition must have final inspection of their offices finished and must be used by their employees.

Article V.

Winning and how to determine the winners

1) The Promoter and Organizer of the Competition will ensure material prizes from sponsors/partners of the Competition

2) Four main categories will be evaluated in the Competition “Meeting Room of the Year”, “Most Attractive Working Environment”, “The Office as the DNA of the Company” and “Small Office”.

3) A Healthy Office, Office for Future Challenges, Smart Collaboration, Architectural Design and the Public Prize will be further evaluated in the Competition

4) A jury consisting of 7 members nominates the finalists and the subsequent winners in the following categories: Meeting of the Year, Most Attractive Working Environment, the Office as the DNA of the Company, Small Office and Architectural Design. In the other categories, the finalists and winners are evaluated by the professional guarantors of each category. The Healthy Office category is sponsored by the Czech Green Building Council, the Smart Collaboration category by Microsoft and Offices for Future Challenges is guaranteed by Skanska.

5) The Public Prize category is won by the company with the largest number of votes (excluding duplicate entries with the same IP address). Only votes for the winning company will be announced and published.

6) In each Competition category, only the winner of the given category will be evaluated (the contestant who ranks first) and he also qualifies for a material prize.

7) The winner of the Competition will be determined by the expert jury based on the following criteria: innovation of the work environment, originality of the idea, design of the space, diversity, innovation, comfort, atmosphere, harmony with the spirit of the category in which it competes and the overall impression of the corporate environment.

Article VI.

Announcement of the winner and up-to-date information on the registered Contestants can always be found on the Web Pages.

Article VII.

Other important facts about the Competition

1) by signing up for the Competition in the manner described above, the Contestant demonstrates their explicit consent to Competition rules as they are laid down by the Promoter and Organizer and how they are published in full in the manner according to Article III paragraph 3 of these rules.

2) The Contestant grants the right on a voluntary basis, freely, without and pressure by the Promoter to publish Competition photographs in connection with their company, on a web site, in the media and other communication channels related to the Competition

3) The promoter and organizer are entitled to change the rules of the Competition unilaterally or cancel it at any time during the Competition. However, they are obliged to disclose this fact without undue delay in the same way as the Competition rules have been published, at the same time they are obliged to publish the amended version of the rules.

4) The promoter and organizer is authorized to check compliance with the terms of this Competition as well as adherence to the rules for participation in the Competition and, in the event of a breach, take effective action to remedy the situation. The promoter and organizer are entitled to definitively assess any question of this Competition or a question related to this Competition directly or indirectly related.

5) In the event that a competitor acts under Article IV. (3) of these rules by entering the Competition, stating invalid details, is no longer entitled to any winnings and will be excluded from the Competition. Similarly, Contestants will be excluded from the Competition in the event that it becomes clear that their participation in the Competition has failed to meet any further conditions for taking part in the Competition under Article IV of these rules

6) The Promoter and Organizer reserves the right to remove any Contestant form the Competition who in the scope of the Competition is vulgar, aggressive or acts contrary to good behavior, or who in the Competition attacks the good name of the Organizer of the Competition, its business partners or otherwise
interferes with smooth operations of the Competition. Similarly, any Contestant will be eliminated who fraudulently affects or tries to influence this Competition

7) The Contestant does not need to be notified of elimination from the Competition by the Organizer. In the event a Contestant is excluded from the Competition who was named the winner, they are obliged to return the Contestant winnings including its accessories to the one who provided them for the Competition and compensate them for any damage. If they do not voluntarily comply, the one who won the Competition has the right to claim the award and its accessories by a judicial process

8) In all these cases, the competitor will not be entitled to compensation for any costs or damages that might result from the exclusion (s) from the Competition.

9) The competitor is not entitled to claim in connection with the Competition and the promoter and organizer are not obliged to convey to the competitor any payment other than that specified in these rules, including the cash payments.

10) The promoter and organizer is not responsible to the contestants for payments (prizes) provided by third parties and the warranty and other conditions regarding all winnings are governed solely by the terms of these suppliers and general legislation. Eventual claims for defects in payments will be applied exclusively to defective product suppliers who are the only one entitled to handle such claims.

11) The promoter and organizer is not responsible for any technical difficulties or defects arising or manifesting themselves in connection with the course of the Competition

Article VIII.

Validity of rules: These rules are valid from 22. 5. 2017.